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Our networking course includes basic to advanced level and our computer networking course .We have designed our computer networking course content and syllabus based on students requirement to make the student confident in networking. In our computer networking training program, you will learn Networking Basics, Wired Networking concepts, Local Area Network, WAN, Wireless Networking, Network Security, networking access control, troubleshooting, computer networking real time project and hardware and networking placement training.Networking Courses are the shortcut to success specially due to massive demand for internet in all type of organizations .Networking engineers are the most important part of all organizations  these days as they manage internet connectivity of organization as well securing the digital assets including Data and Devices. NETWORK Engineering is a vast field so it becomes very important to choose right networking course or certification as some options pay better as compared to others in long run .



Chapter 1: Networking and Data Encapsulation

Internet networking Basics and Models

The OSI Reference Model

Ethernet Networks and cabling

Data Encapsulation

The Cisco Three-Layer Hierarchical Model


Chapter 2: Introduction to TCP/IP, Troubleshooting

TCP/IP, Subnetting Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSMs),

Introducing TCP/IP

TCP/IP and the DoD Model

IP Addressing

IPv4 Address Types

Subnetting Basics

Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSMs)

Troubleshooting IP Addressing


Chapter 3: Cisco’s Internetworking Operating System (IOS)

The IOS User Interface

Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Router and Switch Administrative Configurations

Router Interfaces

Viewing, Saving, and Erasing Configurations


Chapter 4: Managing a Cisco Internetwork

The Internal Components of a Cisco Router

The Router Boot Sequence

Managing Configuration Register

Backing Up and Restoring the Cisco IOS

Backing Up and Restoring the Cisco Configuration

Using Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

Using Telnet

Resolving Hostnames

Checking Network Connectivity and Troubleshooting


Chapter 5: IP Routing

Routing Basics

The IP Routing Process

Configuring IP Routing in Our Network


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