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5 Reasons to learn Digital Marketing

1. Companies are keen on data collection and management

Data has always been important to businesses, but with the emergence of modern technology and new platforms, it’s now easier than ever to capture and use that data to create targeted campaigns and customer profiling.

The course offers a well-rounded view of the importance and theory of data and its collection and consumption within marketing teams. The course also offers industry experts in the area to give greater clarity and understanding of profiling, customer journey mapping and the importance and legal aspects of consumer data.

2. Social media is an ever-growing marketing platform

“Go to Facebook and I guarantee you have an ad within the top 10 posts on your newsfeed” – a task given to me just the other day in a social media workshop. Ever wondered how tailored advertisements infiltrate our newsfeed and constantly evolve and adapt to our search and buying patterns? The course, again with industry experts, gives you a greater understanding of how and why this happens on our social channels. It will also prepare you for practical skills within social media that are very, very useful within industry.

Social media platforms and users are growing rapidly and have been for some time, having an understanding of social media will be very helpful in its next stage of evolution.

3. Websites need to capture the eye and be accessible to its user

Websites need to be immersive, user friendly and visual. They also need to be well connected to all other elements of your brand and communicative channels. There are plenty of opportunities within web to use skills with video, photography, web design and animation.

4. Mobile is a 24/7 marketing tool

One of the more recent marketing tools that has exploded is location and mobile marketing. Mobile phones are potentially a 24/7 marketing tool. Smartphones that have countless applications, GPS enabled maps and data that allow us to access the web, are something that has whet the appetite of marketers around the world. However, mobile marketing is a very new concept that is changing as fast as it’s growing.

Digital Marketing and the knowledge and skills it can provide will help you shape the future of what mobile marketing can, or will, be. The data that is captured and used through mobile technology is staggering and something that will definitely stand you in good stead with technological growth not slowing down.

5. You can bring new ideas to the table, regardless of your academic or professional background

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is how the course can cater to anyone from any discipline. It is also a perfect opportunity as a new course and ever-growing field to use whatever skillset you have to enhance those around you. Creative writers, artists and traditional marketing and business students have all undertaken the programme. I come from a film background and the transferable skills are instant. As I’ve mentioned, the growth and amount of platforms you can research, use in case studies or eventually seek employment from is fantastic. Advertising through streaming services, mobile marketing, video content and much, much more can be explored on the MSc Digital Marketing programme.

I hope to bring you more from Digital Marketing over the coming months, so keep checking The Hub for updates.

August 10, 2018

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